The Night Agent, Coming in 2019

Book news! My next novel, The Night Agent, is coming in 2019 from William Morrow.

Matthew Quirk Signs Two-Book Deal With William Morrow; ‘The Night Agent’ Set For 2019 Release

A bit of the backstory, and a note of thanks:

Over the last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to join up with Dan Conaway at Writers House, an unbelievably talented agent (and editor) and just a great guy. I wrote a new novel that’s bigger and maybe a little riskier than anything I’ve done before, and we sent it out and crossed our fingers.

There was an auction last week, and I’m honored and absolutely thrilled to be working with David Highfill at William Morrow, who has guided so many authors I love: Don Winslow, Elmore Leonard, Greg Iles. The list is incredible.

Through all this, I have been constantly amazed by how generous and supportive everyone in thrillers and publishing is—the murder and mayhem world is full of sweethearts paying it forward—but especially Joseph Finder and Gregg Hurwitz. I owe so much to Mulholland Books and Little, Brown and will miss working with the phenomenal team there, though at least publishing is a small world and we all get to hang out a couple of times a year in odd bars in hotel lobbies.

It’s a daily miracle to be able to write stories and connect with readers for a living, and to work in an industry where, at the end of the day, everyone just loves good books, disappearing into them and sharing them with the world. Okay. End sappiness and back to writing!


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