The Night Agent Interview on KPBS

I had a chance to talk about The Night Agent and Russian moles with KPBS Mid-Day Edition. This may be the first time I’ve worn a suit and tie in San Diego!

Audio and video here:

Get a Head Start on the Night Agent

Want a head start on The Night Agent? Here are the opening pages:

It’s out next Tuesday, and I’d be honored if you’d consider pre-ordering:

Starred Library Journal Review

Library Journal with a starred review for The Night Agent!

“Waiting for Edits”

Night Agent Tour

Hitting the road for The Night Agent, out in one week (!). A bunch of my favorite booksellers with some great conversations lined up: Matthew Yglesias and Nick Petrie.

San Diego CityBeat

Honored to see The Night Agent in our local weekly’s 2019 picks alongside Steph Cha and Don Winslow. I cannot wait to get my hands on both of their books.

The Night Agent is Here!

Finished copies are in! Look at this embossed, distressed, gold-leafed beaut. Thanks William Morrow!

Taking Notes on the Go

This Otter Voice Notes app is ridiculously helpful for capturing all the story ideas that come up during a good walk or brainstorm. Transcribes and syncs the audio.


Michael Connelly with a Rave for the Night Agent

I was thrilled (and a little nervous) when Michael Connelly one of my writing heroes, offered to check out my upcoming book. I never imagined I would hear this.

The Night Agent rocks. Fast as hell, especially with Quirk’s steady hand in control. This story is impossible to put out of mind once you enter this look-over-your-shoulder shadow world. Relevant and revealing, this is one of the best thrillers to come along in years.”
— Michael Connelly

Now available for pre-order:

Indie bookstores:

The Real-Life Americans

What happened to the real-life family that partly inspired The Americans? Nice bit of closure on the series.