Busy Season

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The Night Agent is Coming to Netflix!

The Night Agent is now in production as a television series for Netflix! They’re filming in Vancouver and Washington, D.C.

Here’s a bit more about the show and the cast:


This article has some shots of how they’ve turned Canada into Washington, and below is a video of a car chase from the production!


(Credit: Twitter User Maida Man @DoughhhBoy)

I’ll be heading up in June to check out the shoot and will keep everyone posted on air dates. It’s unreal to see the story go from my imagination to the page to real life scenes!

President’s Day

Bookbub has a great list of presidential thrillers for the holiday weekend, including The Night Agent:


David Baldacci on Hour of the Assassin

Still reeling after hearing this from one of my writing heroes.

Hour of the Assassin is now available for pre-order:
Indies https://buff.ly/2OqujA2
Amazon https://buff.ly/2ts52hF
B&N https://buff.ly/36TEdjZ

Back in the newsroom

I stopped by the San Diego Union-Tribune radio studio to talk thrillers, politics, and foreign plots. Always love an excuse to get back in a newsroom. You can listen here: https://buff.ly/2VYI7UK

The Night Agent Interview on KPBS

I had a chance to talk about The Night Agent and Russian moles with KPBS Mid-Day Edition. This may be the first time I’ve worn a suit and tie in San Diego!

Audio and video here:


Get a Head Start on the Night Agent

Want a head start on The Night Agent? Here are the opening pages: https://buff.ly/2TyjeNq

It’s out next Tuesday, and I’d be honored if you’d consider pre-ordering:
Indies https://buff.ly/2Qwlzqj
Amazon https://buff.ly/2Qymgzv
B&N https://buff.ly/2QwbU34

Starred Library Journal Review

Library Journal with a starred review for The Night Agent!

“Waiting for Edits”

Night Agent Tour

Hitting the road for The Night Agent, out in one week (!). A bunch of my favorite booksellers with some great conversations lined up: Matthew Yglesias and Nick Petrie.